Fearless Authenticity

Jeanne Sparrow is a 3-time Emmy-winning media personality, author, speaker & consultant… let Jeanne help you become more successful as a leader, salesperson, speaker & in life!

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Fearless Authenticity

Insider Secrets to Lead Better, Sell More and Speak Sensationally

Get ready to take it to the next level and move past what’s holding you back!

Fearless Authenticity is all about discovering your unique value and putting it into words to live your dreams! In her book, Jeanne shares stories from dynamic business leaders and her own career on how to:

  • Discover and express the unique secret to success that’s already inside you – your personal brand
  • Apply fundamental success steps to master leadership, sales and building your network in a meaningful way
  • Approach every speaking situation with confidence… one-on-one, presentations, speeches, panels and in media

Jeanne believes that words have power that can change lives – and even the world – when you use them with intention and purpose.

Discover how you can change your life through the power of words… and leave your mark on the world!

Fearless Authenticity Success Coaching

Prepare for your next opportunity for success! Fearless Authenticity programs are custom-designed for leaders, salespeople and teams… and anyone moving forward to take on new challenges and projects.

One-on-One Trainings: Work with Jeanne one-on-one to polish your skills and find success! Learn secrets to ace your next opportunity… from presentations and speeches to interviews and media appearances. Online booking coming soon! Get More Info.

Group Trainings & Workshops: Programs are custom-designed to address your team’s needs together and individually. Great for team building, staff retreats and overall growth! Request Quote.

Speaking Engagements: Jeanne is a keynote speaker and panelist with expertise in presenting for leadership, sales, change management and networking, expressing your personal brand, media and public speaking. Request Quote.

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Here's What People Are Saying...

Jeanne is FABULOUS! Her experience, insight, and expertise provided just the adjustments I needed to increase the effectiveness of my public speaking and on camera work.

Allie Taylor, PhD
Business Psychologist

Jeanne led a public speaking workshop for the Grant Park Music Festival docents... She opened their eyes to new ways of sharing complicated material and taught new strategies to help them engage audiences every time they would deliver their talk. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeanne...

Jill Hurwitz, Chief Marketing Officer
Grant Park Music Festival

Jeanne's professional experience and expertise speaks for itself but what makes her a stand out is her approachability and humble nature. She is a master at getting her clients to let down their guard, see past their insecurities, and make unbelievable progress in a short amount of time.

Amy J. Hauenstein, EdD
Northwestern University

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